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You were born that way.

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I'm so glad you're here. 

Maybe you found me because you are struggling with weight.

Maybe you have been on a string of diets and just feel there's no end in sight and are so frustrated.

Maybe you have everything in your life under control, you get everything done, family, work and you are on top of everything, because you are amazing at what you do.

Maybe you run a a business empire, You are in complete control in the boardroom, managing staff and projects... but the food thing, well that's another beast entirely.

You just cannot seem to figure out this food or weight thing, that seems to take over your life, and makes you miserable,  grab a cup of you're favourite drink, mine would be ginger tea!

Let me tell you a bit about myself.

Whatever was going on, no matter what number was on the scale, I wasn't happy. I hated my body and hated what I saw in the mirror.

I lived with this constant struggle for way too many wasted years. I was always on a diet, of course nothing worked.

I was always looking for that magic fix. There was none!

I did some CRAZY diets, some are totally embarrassing and none worked. Or they worked temporarily and then I'd gain weight back.

Eventually, I started looking for alternative methods, which I'm incredibly grateful to have in my toolbox now.

Through tapping and other healing methods like hypnosis, I realized it wasn't what I was eating that I needed to change, it was stuff deep down inside me.

It was stuffed so deep, I didn't even realize it.

We all have this stuff, it's called life.

It's what you choose to do with it that matters. The problem is we don't know what to do with it. 

  • We are told not to cry, and shut down our emotions since toddlers. 
  • We are encouraged to take a few more bites as babies, completely training us NOT to listen to our bodies.
  • We are actually born perfectly able to listen to our bodies hunger messages, but often we lose that ability very young.

We have so many experiences as children, that deeply impact and shape us as adults. 

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You can regain your natural ability to listen to your body.

Once you can listen to your body, you are free from food controlling you.

You can eat when you're hungry and know when you're full. 

We all know that slim person that eats whatever they want! You can regain that natural ability back too.

It's possible...

Diet's don't work... Facts

But why don’t diets work?
Diets lure you in with quick fixes and answers.
If you’ve ever done a diet, and it worked, it feels so great.
There's no better feeling, than reaching your goal weight, and wearing clothes
that feel amazing and cute. 
You feel more confident, you feel sexy, cute. there's a spring in your step.
Then the weight creeps back on. Slowly just a pound or two at first.
You blame your self, because we must be messing up!
Then you find yourself doing another diet, and another.
Then let’s be honest. Diets just don’t work.
Otherwise it would be one and done.
Let’s relearn how to listen to our body.
That’s the true answer.
The only thing that works permanently.
Diets don’t work. Period
This is frustrating, because often this is the only way we know to lose weight.
95% of dieters gain all the weight back and sometimes more in less than a year.
How may diets have you done?
If it’s more than one, the answer is diets don’t work!
It’s not your fault, we are in a diet culture that makes way too much money
for you to stop.
We need to relearn how to listen to our bodies.
You were born knowing when you were hungry and full.
You were trained out of it.
If you are ready to Ditch Diets, once and for all. Let’s chat....

So, who am I?

I am someone that has struggled with weight, negative body image and so many things holding me back forever.

It pushed me to look for ways to heal myself. I knew there was a better way.

On my journey I discovered, EFT/ Tapping, Energy Work, Hypnosis and so much more.

I love using these modalities to free you from what's holding you back

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Just imagine....

Getting to the root cause of what's underneath and healing it.

Releasing the beliefs that have been holding you back and creating new beliefs.

Becoming indifferent to food and giving you freedom to live your life.

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You can regain your natural ability to listen to your body.

Once you can listen to your body, you are free from food controlling you.

You can eat when you're hungry and know when you're full. 

We all know that slim person that eats whatever they want! You can regain that natural ability back too.

It is possible...